Digital Reporting

Back in the frontier days of the so-called digital revolution, ‘Print is dead!’ was an often-heard proclamation. While that bleak outlook has never truly come to pass it’s no secret that, in the digital age, the natural demand for an alternative to good old paper and ink has had an impact on design in many ways.

One example of this is that way that digital, interactive versions are now supporting ‘traditional’ Annual Reports. Over the last few years, a number of our PLC clients have been creating online and printed versions of their Annual Reports. By producing both versions, they can broaden their target audience, introducing a different kind of engagement with their shareholders. And, of course, the beauty of online information is that people can discover it themselves, anytime, anywhere allowing brands to share their story across a broader network.

We love to push boundaries on all our projects and working on an online version of Annual Reports allows us to work with clients to create an online piece which captivates and intrigues the reader differently. We work closely with each client on what specific content people most need to engage with and build an online version of the Report around these findings.

Whether it’s on screen or paper, we always aim to produce excellent results, so it was a great delight that Kingspan won the Best Digital Reporting Award at the Published Accounts Awards earlier this month. We feel that this recognition is a testament to our process and creative thinking around how we can make Annual Reports equally engaging across different platforms.

You can learn more about Kingspan’s Annual Report here.

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