Age & Opportunity

Age & Opportunity inspires Irish people to reach their full potential as they age. They do this through three strands: arts and cultural activities, sport and physical activity and educating people about how they can play a role as active citizens. And they do all of this by working with five very different audiences – the Health Services, Local Authorities, Community Groups, the General Public and the Corporate sector.

Because of their diverse target audience and the varying needs of each unique project, Age & Opportunity asked us to help them maintain a consistent tone to all of their communication projects. These projects included their new logo, website and stationery, as well as the promotional material for Age & Opportunity’s ‘Bealtaine’ Festival and their recently published book ‘Life is for Living’, which celebrates 25 years of promoting positive attitudes towards ageing and older people in Ireland.

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We went to Red Dog in the first instance for their obvious contemporary and cutting edge design ability. We have stayed for 3 reasons. The obvious two are because the design standard is excellent and the service hugely efficient. The third reason is one that we hadn’t bargained for but is absolutely invaluable – they have become part of our work, understanding exactly what our design, branding and positioning needs are. Red Dog is a true partner – from strategy, to design, copywriting, print – and indeed moral support.

Catherine Rose
CEO Age & Opportunity

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