A Grand Time

Having rebranded the Irish Traditional Music Archive (ITMA) in 2016, we were thrilled to be asked to work with them again on their first digital exhibition with a view to creating a template that could subsequently be used for further exhibitions. The first exhibition of the series explores the traditions, music and stories of Newfoundland’s Cape Shore

Although we’re eparated by 3,230km of ocean, the island of Newfoundland is among Ireland’s closest westerly neighbours. Colonised by a combination of French, English, Scottish, and Irish settlers, present-day Newfoundland has a richly varied island culture and provincial identity. But while there is an incredible diversity of influences, traditions, and identities within Newfoundland, a sense of Irishness is embraced by cultural revivalists, the tourism industry, and even policy makers.

We created the identity, designed and built the digital exhibition through which ITMA’s comprehensive archive of materials explores the traditions, songs, music & stories of Newfoundland’s Cape Shore. In doing so we strove to create a digital experience that presents this traditional & archival information in a manner that is fresh, unexpected & modern.

The visual language is inspired by the counter forms created within the ITMA logotype and is then used as an ever-changing device to house the imagery included in the exhibition. The colour palette is derived from the natural tones that come out in the photography & changes randomly when the site is loaded to keep the site feeling fresh/new. The main exhibition logotype is anchored by a silhouette of the island of Newfoundland which then doubles as a ‘home’ button on the site’s interior pages. The result is a refreshing website that makes for an experience that puts the user in control without being overwhelmed with content.
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