Citywest Village

The well-known Citywest Business Campus has been developed by Davy Hickey Properties since the early 1990s. The original vision was to create a self-contained village, combining a working environment, residential, shopping and leisure amenities within walking distance of each other. The commercial aspect of the campus is now fully established with globally recognised companies choosing to do business from there. The next phase of the overall masterplan is the provision of a residential development of circa 1,000 residential units called ‘Citywest Village’.

The development is made up of  3 and 4 bedroom houses that take their inspiration from the red-brick streetscapes of some of Dublin’s oldest villages. Like Ranelagh, Drumcondra and Sandymount, the streets of Citywest Village radiate outwards from a central “village green” which adjoins the Citywest Luas stop. What makes these Edwardian style houses attractive is the detail of the design and the quality of the materials.

Both the visual identity and marketing collateral needed to reflect the attention to detail that has shaped the project. The logo design and colour palette were inspired by the classical features, in particular the traditional Avon red brick and slate roofs.

The client commissioned a watercolour at the beginning of the process to showcase the vision for the development. We carried this watercolour texture throughout the visuals and brochure as it complements the style of houses, while adding a modern twist through typography and layout.

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