Datalex is a Dublin-based market leader in digital commerce for travel retail. Buying an airline ticket has never been easier and what Datalex bring to the market is the opportunity to add other experiences to that ticket sale – like extra leg room, a great hotel deal, getting a taxi ready to pick you up on arrival – anything to deliver a different retail experience. Their real selling point is that their offering is completely personalised and they can develop their retail offering to suit their customers’ needs.

To reflect their growth and expansion plans they asked us to work closely with their own Creative team to use their new brand language and bring their digital commerce platform to life. This features on the cover and throughout the document. We embossed and debossed the platform on the cover to really highlight that this is at the core of their client offering.

Their whole Datalex brand is built around their core proposition that they enable travel retail to adapt faster and better to the ever-changing needs of people. They very much see that they are creating a “better view of people” as they are always working on how their end users will interact with technology in the future – so part of their graphic language is the ‘viewfinder’ showing Datalex at the heart of your customer journey.

Combined with the fresh teal colour palette we were able to create a really informative Annual Report which not only brings the new brand to the fore but also demonstrates their ambitious growth plans.

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