Since 2013 we have worked with Emo Oil, one of Ireland’s leading oil providers, on every aspect of their marketing. A collaboration that started by focusing solely on helping them with strategies and designing promotional items for their domestic home heating campaigns has grown over time to include the branding of Emo’s ‘Emo Express’ forecourts and the rebranding of its sister company, Great Gas.

Each year we help target potential domestic and commercial Emo customers through a series of ATL and BTL campaigns including online and radio ads, direct mail campaigns and branded email alerts. We also manage and generate content for Emo’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, working closely with the Commercial team to improve the customer experience across all touchpoints. This has also led to recently extending our offering to an online arena with the development of a fuelcard microsite.

Over the last two years, Emo’s growth strategy has started to focus more on the Retail Market. In 2017, we developed the Emo Express forecourt brand. Located at Belfast Internationa Airport, this was the first ever automated Emo Express fuel forecourt on the island of Ireland. Since then, Emo has opened another Emo Express site in Castleisland, Kerry and we look forward to helping them with the roll-out and promotion of more new sites in the future.

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