Focus Ireland

We have been very honoured to work very closely with the team in Focus Ireland developing their new brand identity. Underpinned by solid strategic work, we started on the project by garnering an in-depth understanding of the complex issue that is homelessness in Ireland. As we all know, the situation has reached crisis point with 6,985 people ‘officially homeless’ in Ireland at this time. The number of families becoming homeless has increased by over 40{c2936d3b070249b55d1c0594cfb235e1ba639d209f008e6718bd5f006fc15cd4} since last year and one in three of those in emergency accommodation is now a child. Focus Ireland has played a central role in putting homelessness on the public and political agenda but it operates in a very crowded and confusing space, the conversation is cluttered and is dominated by outrage, crisis management and emergency services.

Focus Ireland needed to refresh the Public’s perception of their brand, to set the agenda and lead the conversation. A clear vision and purpose, articulated simply and consistently through a strong brand identity, visual and verbal language and clear tone of voice was key to allow Focus Ireland to strengthen their position as leader in the sector and support their goal of preventing and supporting people out of homelessness.

A unique part of our visual identity is our brand marque ‘F’ device. The ‘F’ device comprises a stylised version of the F letterform, where the negative space represents a ‘missing’ home. When placed over an image it wraps support around the subjects of the photograph – ‘housing’ them. The ‘F’ device is also a unique ‘stamp’ and identifier for Focus Ireland, helping us to visually stand out from the crowd.

Challenging Homeless. Changing lives.

Focus Ireland is driven by the fundamental belief that homelessness is wrong. They are committed to challenging everything about homelessness; the causes, systemic failures, people’s perceptions and how it is tackled. The tagline we developed supports their positioning and reflects their commitment to challenge the status quo and acts as a rallying call within the organistion.

One Voice

In-depth tone of voice and imagery guidelines support the brand identity and tagline to ensure Focus Ireland communicate with one voice, clearly and consistently.

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