National Folklore Collection

Based at University College Dublin, the National Folklore Collection is home to one of the largest collections of Irish life, folk history and culture in the world.

To commemorate the founding of the Irish Folklore Commission 75 years ago, we were asked to produce a special book to showcase some of the unique illustrations, paintings, photographs, manuscripts, and books housed within their archive. All of these artefacts offer a compelling insight to Irish culture during the first half of the twentieth century and this beautiful book is a fascinating place to go to learn more about our past.

Since then we have worked on a range of publications including fundraising materials for their new foundation in an effort to raise much needed funds to maintain and grow this extraordinary collection of Irish folk history.

In 2010 Comhairle Bhéaloideas Éireann: The Folklore of Ireland Council re-established its publication strand. It was crucial to present Irish tradition in a contemporary fashion. There was one design firm we had in mind and that was Red Dog.  I can only say that working with the team in Red Dog has been amazing.

Their design process is second to none and the design itself communicates the product in what appears to be effortless. The final product has consistently gone beyond our expectations.

Ríonach Uí Ógáin,
Director, National Folklore Collection

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