Following its successful €550m IPO, Glenveagh Properties commissioned Red Dog to work on their very first Annual Report. Having received a very positive response to the Report, we were delighted to be asked to build on its success and work with them on their second Annual Report and Annual Report microsite. With a focus on strategically located developments in Cork, Limerick, Galway and the Greater Dublin Area, the Group comprises two complementary divisions, Glenveagh Homes and Glenveagh Living.

Glenveagh Homes delivers high-quality starter homes to its private customers with selective developments of mid-size and executive houses and apartments in areas of high demand.

Glenveagh Living delivers houses and apartments for the public sector and institutional investors.
Considering the extent of its diverse portfolio, it was essential to capture a theme which demonstrated the work of Glenveagh as the overarching group rather than the separate divisions.

For this year’s Report, we looked at the idea of the first time buyer and their journey with Glenveagh – from looking at initial plans to settling into their first home. Images of this journey are scattered through the Report along with a case study featuring one of their first-time buyers.

With such an array of imagery to be featured within the narrative, it naturally suits a more editorial style – so the format was determined by the fact the content is more magazine-like. The document’s size is quite unusual for a corporate Annual Report – but a crucial part of the brief was to make sure it was in a portable, user-friendly format.

Alongside the printed version, we also applied the design to an accompanying digital version – allowing greater flexibility for Glenveagh to share their results with stakeholders and interested parties.

View the digital report here

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