Health Research Board

We began working with HRB on their new brand strategy and visual identity last Autumn by holding a series of exploratory interviews with HRB staff and external stakeholders. Through these interviews, an idea emerged that the HRB could be a little louder in talking about its work. We concluded that Health research has a real impact on people’s well-being. It’s about ensuring that our health services and health promotions use research effectively and that an endorsement form the HRB is an endorsement of quality and confidence. All of these ideas informed a dynamic identity that is suggestive of quality, integrity, confidence, collaboration.

The HRB had coincidentally scheduled its 2016-2020 Strategy document to launch around the same time as the new identity and asked us for suggestions on how they could launch the Strategy in a new, innovative way. It was these discussions that led to us advocating the use of a micro-site and webinar instead of the traditional launch of a print document. We adapted our design and condensed the content of the 2016-2020 Strategy document into a responsive micro-site that the HRB used at the webinar launch on January 20th. We’re confident that this new identity will enable the HRB to promote itself and its research in a confident, dynamic way in the coming years.

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Red Dog were commissioned by us to refresh the HRB brand in late 2015. They carried out stakeholder interviews, researched the landscape that we are in and really delivered an in-depth brand review. This then informed their creative brief which empowered them to provide us with our great new visual identity which we have just launched. This ‘new look’ reflects exactly who we are now and where we see ourselves in the future. It was a thorough, enjoyable and successful process.

Graham Love
CEO, Health Research Board

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