Headquartered in Dublin, Kenmare Resources plc is an Irish incorporated mining company that’s recognised as a global supplier of titanium mineral sand products. With a customer base operating in over 15 countries, Kenmare saw their Annual Report as an opportunity to demonstrate the scale of their operation and highlight how they have emerged from the recession as a stronger and more robust company.

To reflect the optimistic sentiment within the company, the letter ‘K’ was used prominently on the cover to present a strong, bold and confident tone. The ‘K’ is representative of the journey the mineral takes from the dredge pond through the pipeline to the different refinement plants right through to being transported onto the carrier ship heading for market. To communicate this simply, we used an apparently simple graphic element – a line. The line forming the ‘K’ appears on the cover and is also employed as a graphic element throughout, leading the reader through the Annual Report, reappearing in the contents page and the section starts. The ‘K’ is also foiled on the cover – a nod to Kenmare being the largest producer of ilmenite mineral.

The inside layouts of the report are then clean and simple to give the key messaging an opportunity to stand out. Supported by beautiful photography of the mining processes, the Annual Report really shows the scale of the work that Kenmare is involved in.

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