Knockrabo is a high-end, residential development in a very sought after area of South Dublin on the Mount Anville Road.

We strived to create a brand for Knockrabo that befitted it’s  location, specifications, audience and quality – evoking a sense of  heritage and tradition.

We researched the history of the location, including Henry Roe who built the original house. We also researched the original large Wellingtonia (red wood) trees that were planted during the 1800’s and remain on the site to this day.

We took visual cues from the original walls and iron gates that have been restored for the pedestrian entrance to the estate. And from this research the visual language was born; the motif created for Knockrabo was inspired by the design of the original wrought iron gates, and the cover  for the brochure is a tree rubbing taken from the Wellingtonia.

The treatment is both true to the history and heritage of the site and respecting of the environment at Knockrabo while evoking a sense of modernity and quality that speaks to high-end, sophisticated living.

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We chose to work with Red Dog on our Knockrabo development as we felt they could bring something fresh to property branding and marketing. They did not disappoint, the results are a brand that really captures the essence of this new residential offering; elegant, contemporary and warm. The brochureware took on a whole new approach in this sector by introducing new elements of content which brings the place alive on paper and shows off the attention to detail the development team brought to bear throughout. We are delighted with the work and they were a pleasure to work with also.

Caitriona Flynn
Maplewood Homes

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