Law Society

We were asked to rebrand The Law Society of Ireland, reflecting the organisation’s vision for the future, while remaining faithful to a respected brand that has existed since the nineteenth century. We started by listening. The Law Society had written up a comprehensive brief but it was only when we started asking the right questions, to the right people, did we really get under the skin of what was required. We ran a series of brand sessions working with people from different areas of the organisation, it was important to have operational staff on-board as well as executive teams and management.

When we moved into the creative work our creative director took the mantle ensuring that we delivered on the strategy. Several options for logos and taglines were presented and developed as choice was something they really needed. The piece of the project we feel that they get the very most out of is the tone of voice guidelines – this was not a requirement at project kick-off but we soon realised what a difference this verbal toolkit would bring to them as a large organisation. This highlights how things evolve and how dedicated we are to deliver a full and considered service to a brand change programme.

Red Dog, as a brand agency, has it all. Outstanding creativity, design skill, project management, service and business acumen all combine to make them a partner rather than just a third-party supplier. Red Dog is particularly great at ensuring all stakeholders are brought along throughout the rebranding process to achieve maximum buy-in and overall support of the organisation’s new identity. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for anything from a small design project to a complete rebrand.

Teri Kelly
Director of Representation and Member Services
Law Society of Ireland

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