Mingles is a Dublin-based business selling ice-cream, shakes and slushies, but their speciality are the toppings for the cones, ranging from freshly prepared fruits to candy, chocolates, cereals and sauces.

With its popular following, expansion plans got underway for new locations, including a new kiosk at Liffey Valley. To coincide with this growth, we were approached by Mingles to develop a new brand identity.

We created a playful new logotype to appeal to the younger demographic, with a vibrant colour palette of blues, pinks and greens. We also devised a series of copy lines as part of the identity roll-out and paired them with fun patterns to make their packaging, uniforms and signage really stand out.

We collaborated closely with their Dutch fitout partners to create a distinctive kiosk and signage that would really stand out. Quirky details include the selfie station, that encourage customers to share photos of their bespoke Mingles creations, and build a strong social community around the brand. As part of this, we commissioned Aoife Dooley to create an illustration to act as a backdrop and complement the brand personality.  Essentially it was all about achieving balance — where the Mingles identity is fun and playful — the interior finish is smart, distinctive and sophisticated, helping build an appealing brand.

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