In May 2017, the Havilland Group acquired UBS International Life, a life insurance provider, originally established in Dublin in 2003, and changed its name to Octium Life DAC. At this point, they brought us on board to refresh their logo and work with them on several communication touchpoints.

Taking the existing logo with its 8 dots (octium is the latin word for 8) as a starting point, we refined the symbol and letterforms to create a more elegant, distinct and legible logo.Rather than a geometric shape, the circle symbol was redrawn to better resemble the letter ‘O’, enabling the brand name to be read more easily as one complete word. Then we looked to update the existing serif font with a modern serif font containing distinct letterforms which subtly sets the brand apart.

While the circle symbol has been removed from the logo itself, it does however appear as a component of the visual language which has enabled the brand to ‘own’ the circle device. This is evident in the circular element that’s been introduced to documents in the form of props, environment and crops of imagery.

Octium’s new logo and the circular image can be found in the Annual Report, brochureware, stationery and website that we’ve produced since refreshing the logo last year.

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