ReproMed began in 2009 with a very simple idea – to remove the mystery surrounding fertility treatment and personalise the provision of fertility care. As the business continues to grow they wanted to create a new identity that reflects a company constantly growing and diversifying. Their real USP is their patient-centred approach to helping people realise their dream and we really wanted to capture that in the new logo.

The chosen mark embraces the concept of the partnership between the woman, her partner/donor and ReproMed as they make the fertility journey, together. The focus is placed on a monogram style mark made of 3 lines representing each of these people on their journey to form a letter ‘R’. Mixed with a vibrant palette of colours, the new logo and ribbon device allows for a dynamic and energetic visual language which really reflects where ReproMed are and want to be in the future.

Application of the new mark has been applied to a new website, stationery, photography and on internal and external signage. The monogram was painted directly onto the walls of the office suite to welcome patients to the clinic, and a custom 3D of the monogram of the ‘R’ was made for reception – all which help to bring the new identity to life.

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I need not have spent so long worrying about starting the process of rebranding because as soon as I met with Red Dog’s team of consummate professionals my concerns were put to rest. Everyone with whom I worked in Red Dog from the design, to logistics, technical, creative and project management, surpassed my expectations and delivered our business not only a beautiful, bespoke brand identity but an interactive, sleek website which represents with honesty what our company is about.

The project was delivered on-time and executed with patience, good humour and understanding by a team I would not hesitate to recommend.

Both myself and our CEO knew that Red Dog took time to hear us and learn about our company,  and as a result completed a wonderful piece of work. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Caitriona McPartlin
General Manager

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