MoneyMate approached us to create a name and identity for a new fund data utility that provides a secure location from which asset managers can share sensitive portfolio data with their clients. MoneyMate’s criteria for the name was that it should be easy to pronounce, evoke gravitas and sophistication and not convey any hint of frivolity.

After a lengthy process of research and discovery, the new utility was named ‘Silverfinch’ – a new species that has evolved to respond to the needs of the market. The name was inspired by the notion that silver is as equal a precious metal as gold. Often the basis of currency and exchange, it is discreet and confident, holding its own by any standard.

The logo is composed of a stylised interpretation of a wing, combined with subtle, yet contemporary typography and a restrained colour palette. The lines and angle signify progress and optimism. This is a confident, dependable and brave solution that allows for varied application.

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