Social Innovation Fund Ireland

The Social Innovation Fund Ireland is a new Irish organisation which has the nurturing of great ideas at it’s core. They believe that people and communities throughout Ireland have invented creative solutions to some of our most critical social issues and SIFI will offer them support to continue their work. In the last year, we’ve worked on two significant projects – a new identity and website for SIFI.

Reflecting on innovation, and on the client’s ethos, we decided that there was no reason to design just one logo for SIFI when we could deliver four! The design is a series of formal shapes that are overlaid with abstract marks, symbolising the passion of the ideas that can spark positive change. And, because it’s a fluid system, SIFI can pick and choose which version they want to use whenever they want. We took the geometric and organic shapes from the identity and used them throughout the website creating a balance between the order required for growth, and the chaos that innovation thrives on.

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I have worked with Red Dog for 7 years now across multiple projects for both ONE Foundation and Social innovation Fund Ireland.

It’s quite simple. Red Dog has exceeded my expectations every time. Whether it is a corporate identity and new brand development, a standard design job on a report, a new website or a creative one-off project like a coffee table book. They listen, they consider, and they invent a solution.

Deirdre Mortell

CEO, Social Innovation Fund

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