St. Columba’s College

St. Columba’s College is an independent secondary school based in Dublin. Founded in 1843, the school has a strong reputation for high-quality boarding education for boys and girls aged 11-18.

We were approached to design a prospectus that captured the unique blend of tradition and innovation which makes the College so special – from the black gowns that represent a tradition of scholarship going back to their foundation, to the daily chapel services and pastoral care that speak of the values that are central to their community life.

With the help of photographer Finn Richards (art directed by us) we spent time on campus capturing daily student life at St. Columba’s. This resulted in a rich bank of photography encompassing all aspects of the school – from the creativity in the art centre, to the contemporary science block and traditional dining hall.

This bank of photography was then used in a distinctive brochure featuring a green cover – alluding to St. Columba’s colours – with the school crest appearing in a matt silver foil. We created two photographic dust jackets with timelines, printed on a contrasting gloss paper, to wrap around the cover.

The interior includes inserts featuring endorsements from alumni – testimony of the unique educational opportunity offered to students at St. Columba’s College.

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