The Seamark Building at Elmpark Green

Elmpark Green is a mixed-use campus just off the Merrion Road, Dublin 4. The vast office and residential development was recently bought by US investment company Starwood Capital Group with a view to completing works on the 17.3 acre site.

This included the development of the landmark building at the gateway to the site – an impressive 8 storey building originally intended as a hospital or hotel. The development will see the building totally re-purposed as office space.

There were two parts to this project; creating a community within Elmpark Green itself and marketing the new office building.

We began the design process with a logo for the campus “Elmpark Green”, then moving onto supporting taglines and copy. We also named the building ‘The Seamark Building’ and designed a visual identity around an original Gary Coyle image for marketing materials for the sale/lease of the building.

We designed the site hoarding, brochure and a website to market the property.

The building was officially launched in March 2017 with a bespoke brochure and website which you can click through to right here.

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