Youth Theatre Ireland

Youth Theatre Ireland (Formerly known the National Association for Youth Drama (NAYD)) is the development organisation for youth theatre in Ireland. It supports youth drama in practice and policy by advocating the benefits of young people’s participation, promoting quality youth theatre practice and providing leadership for the sector.

Following a thorough branding consultation process with relevant stakeholders we designed a solution that was inspired by the organisation’s leadership role; supporting affiliated members around the country, enabling young people to express themselves through participation in workshops, and take to the stage in their communities.

Our logotype features customised lettering with horizontal elements – the ‘H’, ‘A’ and ‘R’ – at a 30° angle. The upward trajectory of these angles allude the positive impact of youth theatre. A horizontal bar with sheared angles that mirror the angles in the letterforms, is placed above IRELAND; it is representative of a stage/platform where young people genuinely feel that they are being listened to. The angular ribbons in a colourful palette have been considered to evoke a sense of dynamism and energy, and inclusiveness, as they wrap around to bind the imagery and messaging together.

Red Dog were chosen to rebrand our organisation after we went out to tender. It really was a pleasure to work with such a professional and creative agency. From beginning to end I could trust that we were in safe hands, their process was thorough and very enjoyable. We are all thrilled with the results.

Michelle Carew
Director, Youth Theatre Ireland

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