Reporting from the Published Accounts Awards

After our recent birthday celebrations, Red Dog’s 26th year got off to a great start at the Published Accounts Awards gala ceremony in Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel last night where three of our Annual Reports from 2017 won in their category.

Among the winners was Concern Worldwide’s 2017 Annual Report which won the award in the Large Charities category. This is our twentieth consecutive Annual Report for Concern and we believe that our relationship’s longevity is a reflection on the sense of collaboration, open-mindedness and trust that exists between us.

Our goal every year for Concern is to ensure that their Annual Report delivers more than a simple explanation of the organisation’s activities and accounts for the previous year. Instead, the challenge is to design the Report so that it’s as fresh and engaging to a reader who’s never seen one as to someone who’s familiar with each previous Report.

Working with the theme of maternal health, the 2017 Annual Report had a specific focus on the progress of Concern’s 2016 strategic goals, which we conveyed through the careful selection of photography and considered layouts. The result is an Annual Report which brings the reader up to date on their life-saving activities in an attractive, informative and memorable way.

We’re delighted that Concern’s latest Annual Report was recognised at the Published Accounts Awards so we’ll leave the last word to Concern Worldwide’s CEO Dominic MacSorley who posted the following message on Twitter last night:

“Absolutely delighted that we won the Published Accounts Award 2018. 50 years of delivering professional, accountable compassionate assistance. Really great need and huge credit to the @Concern hardworking team.”

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