The 100 Archive

If you’ve been reading our updates for a while, you might recall that, for each of the last two years, we’ve had three projects selected for inclusion in the 100 Archive. It’s ok if you’ve forgotten – it’s not a test! The 100 Archive, which started in 2013, is a growing collection (one hundred a year, hence the name) of meaningful, memorable and significant Irish design from the previous 12 months.

Well, colour us consistent because this year we’ve had another three projects selected for the 100 Archive. The three projects – a non-partisan political fundraising campaign, a rebrand for a global music label and an Annual Report for a well-established Irish charity – couldn’t be more different which, we feel, is a testament to Red Dog’s ability to successfully switch between disciplines and media.

We’re delighted to be taking our place with the 2017 alumni – and send our warmest congratulations to all the designers that are joining us in perpetuity in the 100 Archive! If you’d like to see all of the Red Dog projects that have been archived over the years, this link will get you there.

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