We Are Where We Are

In line with all government policy and advice, and with the well-being of the Red Dog team – not to mention the suppliers, couriers and occasional person who knocks on the door thinking we’re a coffee shop – in mind, we have decided to work remotely for the time being. So, for the next little while, our creativity will not be found in the Red Dog studio but at various locations across the greater Dublin area. Thankfully, creativity thrives in any environment! Thankfully, also, we have the technology to be able to keep in constant contact with each other while keeping our distance. There will be someone in the studio most days to field phone calls, but direct email contact with your project manager or designer is probably the best option for now.

If you have new business opportunities you’d like to discuss, please email shona.byrne@reddog.ie, and if you’ve any general queries, please email mailroom@reddog.ie.   

Until we’re all back under the same roof here in Blackpitts, we wish you all the best for now.

Best wishes from Red Dog

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