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A Date with Red Dog

Jan 22, 2021

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Studio Updates

PXL 20210121 115308894

We were very excited to see Red Dog's copy of the Fedrigoni 365 2021 calendar land in the studio recently. Or, more accurately, we were excited to see pictures of because we're mostly all still working from home (sigh) these days. We were allocated the number 23 and the word 'variable' for our page in this year's calendar so we turned to science for our response.

Our solution began with our Design Director, Susie Carberry, who based our design on the 23 pairs of chromosomes that all humans have in common – but that makes us all so very, very different. She handed the concept over to Debbie Cooke to execute with a little bit of input from our resident scientist, Dr Allesandra Ravida. Our Creative Director Paula McEntee was also involved along the way - making it a real team effort.

This is the second time we've designed a page for Fedrigoni's calendar (here's last year's page) and once again we really enjoyed the opportunity to design something purely for the sake of design. Well done to all the other brilliant designers who contributed to this year's calendar. Here's to 2022 - for lots of reasons!

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