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Bitter Days are on the way

Jun 17, 2020

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Thought we’d end another week in lockdown by sharing our new labels for Beara Bitters, a new Irish Cocktail Bitters that takes its flavour and aroma inspiration from Ireland’s land and seascapes.

We’re thrilled with Leo Byrne’s photography and Charlotte O’Connell’s contribution in styling these images.

These labels were, like the bitters themselves, inspired by Ireland’s stunning landscapes – specifically the beautiful Bears peninsula. Having looked at many of the products in the cocktails and bitters market, we felt that labels tended to be overly ornate and complex and often end up looking a little bit samey. So, our solution was to place Beara Bitters’ ingredients centre stage through Sally Caulwell’s modern take on botanical illustrations.

To reflect the Bitters’ mischievous, authentic and stylish personality, we used an eye-catching foil on, textured paper stock and individually die-cut front labels on the bottles – all brilliantly produced by the team at Label tech.

Bear Bitters’ full launch has been slightly delayed for obvious reasons, but we look forward to seeing them behind bars and in homes across the country in the near future.