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Chair of the Dog

Jun 17, 2020

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Studio Updates

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We’re very happy to share this update from our MD, Mary Doherty, about her role as Chair for this year’s Irish Design Awards:

‘As we all begin to return to some semblance of ‘how we were’ we hope that the challenges that we face as an industry are less tough than anticipated. As part of my own response to where we find ourselves I’ve taken on the role as Chair of this year’s IDI Awards.

Why? Well, we really, really need to stay positive, we still need to reward excellence in design and we really need to support our design community and I’d love to be part of that. With all that in mind, we are refocussing and changing the model of the awards this year and will share details soon.

Please stay tuned but do start working out what you will enter (I’ll be in touch with lots of you anyway ; ) We want all of your best work; design that has made an impact, changed views or hit a nerve. And we need it this year more than ever.

For now, let’s all look forward to an extraordinary awards, to mark an extraordinary year.’