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Hail to the Chief

Nov 28, 2022

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Studio Updates

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Very exciting news for our Founder and MD, Mary Doherty who was elected as President of the Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI) at its 49th annual general meeting on November 15th.


We're thrilled that Mary – pictured above giving her inaugural address at the IDI Awards on November 17th – has been awarded this prestigious role. It's a great honour and we're very excited to see how her passion for the design industry, paired with her commitment to the IDI, contributes to the ongoing success of this vital organisation during the next two years.

Discussing her new role as IDI President, the IDI's 50th anniversary celebrations and the ReJOYce exhibition which is currently open at Central Plaza on Dublin's Dame St., Mary said:

“I’m delighted to take up the role as president of the IDI at such an important milestone for the organisation. Over the past 50 years, the IDI has supported thousands of designers in Ireland, and our public exhibition, ReJOYce, is an opportunity to showcase the breadth of quality design in Ireland. A mark of good design is that often, you barely notice it, and the people and businesses behind good design also tend to stay in the background. Our 50th anniversary is an opportunity to turn up the dial, amplify the role of design in everyone’s lives, and to also amplify the voice of Irish designers."

Congratulations to Mary from all the Red Dog team.

M Dand Gerry