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London Calling

Mar 10, 2020

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London calling

We’re very happy that our work for Concern Worldwide’s global brand refresh is shortlisted at the Transform Awards Europe 2020 in London on March 3rd.

The intention of this refresh was to bring visual clarity to Concern’s brand, enabling the producers of communications material in all territories to address their local audience with a unified, coherent appearance and tone of voice. We evolved the existing logo, and simplified and refreshed the colour palette to engage audiences and work better on digital platforms. Additionally, we created graphic elements and photographic and illustrative stylings to ensure standout. The scope of the refresh project included an extensive global brand book – which gave guidance on how to use the new tagline and brand narrative, tone of voice and how to craft consistent messaging aimed at specific audiences.

This recognition, in the ‘Best Brand Development Project to Reflect Changed Mission, Values or Positioning’ category reflects our creativity and commitment to producing a solution that worked for a truly worldwide audience. It’s also a testament to our long-standing relationship with Concern Worldwide who’ve been a client of Red Dog for two decades. You can see some more of our recent work for Concern here.