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The Youth of Today

May 19, 2022

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We've loved working with the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) on their brand refresh, which they launched on Monday, May 16th. NYCI, the representative body for voluntary youth organisations in Ireland, represents over 50 member organisations that work with over 380,000 young people each year, using its collective experience to act on issues that impact young people. It's a growing organisation with an increasing number of programmes, projects and initiatives; therefore, it needed a new identity that could communicate to diverse audiences, from Government and decision-makers to young people.

The logotype places emphasis on the word 'Youth'. It features a playful bespoke letter y (the 'jaunty y') that gives it vibrancy and dynamism. It is anchored on either side by solid letterforms that allude to NYCI's role as the leading representative body for voluntary youth organisations. The logotype strives to achieve the best balance of welcoming and approachable, with gravitas and authority.

We created an energetic and flexible brand system to accompany it that can be dialled up or dialled down for relevant audiences. An integral part of the new identity is the suite of illustrations by Donough O'Malley, Holly Pereira, Ruan van Vliet and Harriet Yakub, that celebrate the diversity of NYCI's members and the young people they support.

Full case study to follow but please enjoy this glimpse into NYCI's new identity which we're certain will serve the organisation well in the coming years.