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Concern AR20 Hero
IDI Awards 2021
Published Accounts Awards 2021

A year like no other.

We have developed a great working relationship with Concern Worldwide over the past two decades: a relationship based on collaboration, open-mindedness and trust.

For twenty consecutive years, we have been privileged to design Concern's Annual Report – and every year, we strive to exceed their expectations by creating a Report that is powerful, beautiful and relevant – without being ostentatious.

This Report's focus was very much on twelve months of emergencies – even more so than in previous years. However, although COVID-19 was a big part of Concern's activities in 2020, their other work programmes continued despite the pandemic. So this balance had to be reflected in the Report.

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Concern didn't just focus on COVID-19 last year – they continued working on their overseas programmes, other emergencies, education work within Ireland on the SDG goals, the GHI 2020 report and their ongoing campaigns – so the design had to get this balance right. This was achieved with a condensed and vibrant colour palette, demonstrating that each work programme had the same level of focus and importance. The colour palette also helped create a sense of positivity around Concern's work – a testament to this organisation that their work continued to have a profoundly positive impact in a year like no other.

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Data is presented in bite-size chunks, making it easy to consider and understand their work and the difference they can and do make.

Big and bold headings punctuate the document's indicating the organisation's determined and direct approach – creating a snapshot of their strategy, solutions and outcomes.

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