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Published Accounts Awards 2019

Reporting on a culture of success and a passion for growth.

When we started the process of designing our sixth consecutive Annual Report for Dalata Group, their 2018 Report had just been declared Overall Winner at the 2019 Chartered Accountants Leinster Society Published Accounts Awards. This was in addition to winning in the 'Small/medium quoted company' Award category. So the pressure was on to ensure we present this year's Report engagingly and memorably to try to secure some more awards in 2020! No pressure!

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The Execution

To achieve this, we focussed on narrative, visual language, and information visualisation. Firstly we introduced additional headings to each section. These big, bold headings help to communicate the main narrative of the Report, giving the reader quick snapshots on the Group's ethos. Secondly, we aimed at conveying a sense of dynamism and growth. We achieved this visually by introducing polygonal graphic shapes to add visual interest to layouts or to house imagery. The polygonal shapes used throughout the Report are inspired by the 5-year growth chart on the cover of the Report. The Dalata Group's Hotel Assets grew from €52 million to €1.47 billion in 5 years. This outstanding result is subtly portrayed on the front cover with the chart's polygonal shape used to house the imagery and its data subtly presented in spot varnish.

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