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Building communities during uncertain times

Irish Residential Properties REIT plc is a Real Estate Investment Trust focused on acquiring and developing investments within the private residential rental sector in Ireland.

I-RES invests in communities by providing high-quality housing in attractive, well-serviced locations where people want to live, work and build their lives. Therefore, their acquisition and development strategy focuses on family-friendly urban locations that feature high-grade community facilities, good public transportation links, well-developed educational and social infrastructure, and sustainable employment opportunities. In 2020, despite the impact of Covid-19, I-RES continued to deliver on their investment and growth strategy, with further investment in the supply of new homes. Our task for the 2020 Annual Report was to reflect the strong performance and continued growth in a period of uncertainty while also highlighting the great locations of I-RES property portfolio.

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The Execution

In addition to using photography in an impactful way, we took key investor information such as Financial Highlights and created a bright colour palette and a grid system to highlight bite-size nuggets of information. This styling was replicated throughout the report to ensure the reader can easily absorb the information. We designed an icon system to illustrate data and draw attention throughout the report to create a greater sense of engagement. The design of the annual report was then carried through to the I-RES EGS document, with a clear link to the Annual Report in terms of visual language.

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