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Published Accounts Awards 2019

Building a bridge between new and old.

Kerry Group is in the process of introducing a fresh brand with a new purpose. The challenge for our sixth Annual Report was to create a design that would act as a bridge between the old and new, ensuring that their 2019 Annual Report wouldn’t look at odds with the new brand collateral when it’s launched later in the year.

As the new brand had yet to be finalised, we didn’t want to depend too much on Kerry’s new look and feel. So, to meet it halfway, we introduced the brand’s new fonts and colour palette but retained the editorial format of previous Reports to facilitate a subtle introduction of the new brand purpose.

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The Results

A modern editorial style with a mix of a conventional grids for body text, with many levels of pull-outs, key numbers and iconography peppered throughout, reflects the diverse nature of the Kerry Group. Ahead of the launch of its new brand purpose, Kerry has a clean, fresh, understated and confident Annual Report that stands boldly on its own but will also complement the new brand when it’s launched in 2020.

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