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Putting digital first for Kingspan.

Having designed Kingspan's annual report for the last three years, we took a different direction in 2020 with a multiplatform digital-first approach to annual reporting that reflects the Group's focus on innovation and globalisation. In tandem with the online report is a printed book version, sections of which can be downloaded from the digital platform.

The Execution

This year's report focussed on the impact achieved by Kingspan's products and business strategy towards a more sustainable future.

The 'Impact' theme was conceptually interpreted through the paradigm of action and effect, highlighting the direct connection between the Group's inner values and its outer influence. Visually, this translated into a very dynamic design exploiting the concept of visual juxtaposition.

To differentiate the annual report platform from Kingspan's corporate website, we flexed the existing brand toolkit. We introduced additional supporting fonts and graphic elements to produce a firmly editorial design while remaining true to the Kingspan brand and aesthetics.

Dynamic layouts were achieved through the introduction of interlocking geometric blocks within a rigorous grid system. The use of expanded and condensed typefaces as supporting fonts is conducive to a strong information hierarchy system and reinforces the visual concept of juxtaposition, contributing to the dynamism of the overall design. The crisp editorial design is supported by a fresh palette consisting predominantly of Kingspan Teal (set mainly as a tint) paired with Kingspan Navy.

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The report is punctuated with colour-coded 'Megatrend' sections, focussing on current environmental topics while case studies and trade insights are presented in an engaging format through rich media and interactive graphics.

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The Result

The result is a fully integrated reporting platform consisting of a website, digital pdf and printed document with the digital-first approach reflected in the extensive use of rich media and interactive graphics.

A crucial aspect of the project was to guarantee equivalent user experience in all formats. To do so, we reinterpreted the content, adapting it to the strengths and specific outputs of each form. The printed document directs the readers to the interactive rich stories via QR codes, while the digital pdf connects to the various resources through hyperlinks.

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