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Check in time for Maldron Hotels' new visual language.

In 2017, the Dalata Group conducted extensive research on their two hotel brands - the relative newcomer Clayton Hotels and the more established Maldron Hotels. While Maldron Hotels were performing well from a customer experience perspective, the findings from the research indicated that consumer communications were not resonating as well as they might. Our challenge was two-fold - to really understand the Maldon Hotels customer base and to refresh the visual and verbal language to ensure that all future communications connected with the target audience.

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The Results

By updating their colour palettes, image usage and sub-brands, and providing guideline documents for the hotel, Maldron Hotels are now equipped with the visual tools to permanently establish themselves as reliable and attractive hotel destination across Ireland. And with a comprehensive toolkit – including brand guidelines and an extensive suite of seasonal and promotional templates – the hotel’s team has a suitcase packed with everything they need to roll out the new visual language across the wider Maldron Hotels Group.

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