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Going for Gold in a landmark year.

Ornua, Ireland’s largest exporter of primary dairy products, had a very big 2019 as Kerrygold became the first Irish food brand to achieve annual retail sales exceeding €1 billion. While Kerrygold's success was identified as a critical feature in the Report, Ornua also had other notable achievements throughout the year. So the challenge for us was to find a visual and narrative balance between Kerrygold's success and Ornua's other accomplishments throughout the Report.

The Approach

The theme of this years report was 'From Green to Gold' which alludes to Kerrygold's process of transforming Ireland's naturally superior, grass-fed dairy products into the iconic gold butter packs beloved around the world. Additionally, as Ireland's largest exporter of Irish dairy products, Ornua always features some of Ireland's 14,000 Irish farming families in their Annual Report. These farming families' commitment and dedication to making the best quality milk in the world is key to Ornua's success, so we needed to leverage this when developing our creative strategy.

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The Execution

As this was a momentous year for Kerrygold and Ornua we chose to celebrate the iconic Kerrygold pack with a simple, elegant cover, that spoke less to an Annual Report and more to a keepsake celebration of the brand. A touch of gold foil on the lettering alludes to the pack's natural finish, and a spot UV on the pack helps it shine even brighter.

To illustrate the heritage and history of the Kerrygold brand, a fold-out cover gave snapshots from its beginnings to its global success today. The fold was cut at the edge to resemble the side of a butter pack, a subtle nod to the reader unwrapping the story of their favourite brand when they lift the flap. Inside, an editorial style continued to tell the story of Ornua's year.

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The Results

Ornua's 2019 Annual Report was a little different to previous years, leaning heavily on Kerrygold's success on the cover. However, once inside its sophisticated colour palette of pastel greens and buttery yellows helped achieve a premium and less corporate feel to the Report which gave equal credit to Ornua's many accomplishments throughout the year.

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