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Measuring Impact at the RDS.

The mission of the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) is to have a positive impact on Ireland's cultural and economic development by nurturing ideas and people in the areas of arts, agriculture, science, enterprise, and equestrianism. These are all areas in which the RDS has an almost 300-year tradition of involvement and support.

The RDS has produced reports for individual donors and sponsors and its Annual Report highlights activities carried out in a previous year. However, it wasn't until last year that it took the opportunity to report on the impact of its activities by collecting the statistics, stories and evolution of the five RDS Foundation Programme areas.

The intention with this Impact Report was to produce an inspiring, informative and visually attractive document that acted as a clear departure from the more traditional reporting style of the RDS – a dynamic and modern document that mirrors the organisation's ambitions and mission.

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Commissioning Red Dog to design the first RDS Impact Report resulted in a document that RDS Members and staff are extremely proud of. The Red Dog team took up the challenge of designing a concept to portray the impact of five years of the RDS Foundation’s work, respecting the tradition of an almost 300-year organisation, while depicting the work in a creative and contemporary way. The resulting RDS Impact Report is a visually attractive, informative, high quality publication, which received very positive feedback from its readers. It was a pleasure to work with the Red Dog team, who are professional, solutions orientated, client focussed, and were completely unfazed by any of the challenges that Covid-19 restrictions imposed.

Colm Dolan, Fundraising Manager, RDS Foundation

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