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Rethink Hero 2000

Setting a new name in motion.

Having worked with us in their previous guise as Social Innovation Fund Ireland, the recently renamed Rethink Ireland presented us with the challenge of designing their new website. While a website can have multiple intentions, the main one for Rethink Ireland was to illustrate the scale of their ambitions in social innovation in Ireland while conveying the spirit of support, progression & innovation that runs through the organisation. Since their existing website was built back in 2014, new pages and sections had been added on top of the original structure as necessary, leaving the site very information-heavy and laborious to navigate. So, the initial part of the challenge was auditing the information and dissecting it in a way that was accessible and easy to navigate while not overwhelming users.

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Rethink Toolkit 1
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The Results

Rethink Ireland's new website provides the organisation with the opportunity to present itself in a fresh and easily-digestible manner. The result is a site that we believe finds the right balance between the progressive and innovative approach that the Rethink Ireland brand strives to encompass, and a clear and easy to navigate site that is easy for users to traverse.

Rethink Result 2