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Seamark Hero 2000
IDI Awards 2017

Making a mark on the commercial property landscape

When US investment company Starwood Capital Group acquired Elmpark Green, a vast office/residential campus in Dublin 4, they had big plans in mind. Chief among these was the re-purposing of the landmark building at the site's gateway – an impressive eight-storey building initially intended as a hospital or hotel – as an office building. Our small chapter in these eight storeys was to name the building and create its marketing materials with the aim of making the office's marketing collateral stand-out from competing commercial office spaces across the city.

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The Execution

After much consideration, we named the building 'The Seamark Building', a reflection on the development's status as a new landmark on the coastline as you view it from the sea. With the new name and Gary's image as our anchor, we looked to the building itself for further inspiration. The building is such an unusual shape that we wanted to make it the mainstay of the brochure by featuring fold-out sections to show the scale of the development. For the brochure's paper stocks and finishes, we looked once again to the Seamark Building's location for guidance.

The front' location' section is printed on Curious Collection Matter Goya White (which features a texture of fine sand) while the back 'specifications' section printed on Arctic Volume White – a smooth matt, fully coated paper. These contrasting textures can also be found on the brochure's front cover which incorporates a layered combination of Curious Collection Skin Dark Blue and Curious Collection Matter Goya White, with the building name emerging in a glossy clear foil.

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The Results

Gary Coyle's image features in fold-out spreads, giving the brochure a sense of space, while a colour palette of blues, ranging from aqua to navy blue, are woven throughout to complement the sea image and architectural photography. The fonts and colours used in the design were also inspired by the building - specifically the architecture and colours of the light in the windows around the campus - creating a calm – yet confident – contemporary palette of blues, teals and slate blues. Keeping to our sea-theme, the brochure also features a floating spine to ensure that the spreads lie flat.

Alongside the naming and visual language, we also worked with a copywriter on a tone of voice and messaging for the Seamark Building, ensuring that, just like the Seamark Building itself, the collateral stood out on the Dublin property landscape.

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