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Old Spot 2000x1125

Dining out with a spot-on identity.

When The Old Spot, a gastropub on Dublin’s Bath Avenue, asked us to design their visual brand identity, we jumped at the chance to work with a team that had big plans to shake up Dublin’s dining scene. The brief was simple – to create something arresting and memorable that conveyed an air of playfulness with an underlying sense of quality.

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The Old Spot Web 2
Old Spot 735x496
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The Results

Since opening in 2015, The Old Spot has established itself as a destination gastropub among South Dublin diners who have come to recognise ‘Spot’ as a visual shorthand for the quality they have come to expect from the restaurant. For us, we were delighted to see the identity rewarded by both the IDI and ICAD Awards judging panels, making Spot the most award-winning pig in Irish design!

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Old Spot hero 2000x1125