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Please take a few moment to explore some recent highlights of Red Dog's work in Digital

Country Crest

Brand Identity _ Digital _ Food & Drink _

Working from the ground up.

Dunville Heron 2000x1125
Dunville Pharmacy

Brand Identity _ Digital _ Print _ Pharma _

A pharmacy brand at one with nature.


Campaigns _ Digital _ Print _ Professional Services _

More than Meets the Eye

Rethink Hero 2000
Rethink Ireland

Digital _ Non-profit _

Setting a new name in motion.

Umusic 1
Universal Music

Brand Identity _ Digital _ Arts & Culture _

A brand identity in tune with tomorrow.

Bresson 2000x835px

Brand Identity _ Digital _ Print _ Food & Drink _

Cooking up a delicious new visual language.

Knockrabo hero updated

Brand Identity _ Digital _ Print _ Property _

A modern development at home in the past.

AMCK Hero1 2000x1125

Brand Identity _ Digital _ Aviation _

A global aircraft leasing identity takes flight.

Newfoundland hero
Irish Traditional Music Archive

Digital _ Arts & Culture _

A Grand Time in Newfoundland.

Seamark Execution 2000
Elmpark Green

Brand Identity _ Digital _ Print _ Property _

Making a mark on the commercial property landscape