Creativity isn’t about pretty pictures. It’s about compelling ideas, beautifully executed, that grow business.

Red Dog opened for business on November 2nd, 1993 – the morning after founders Mary Doherty and Irene Gough graduated from the National College of Art and Design.

Based in Dublin and with an office in New York, over the last 25-plus years we’ve built our reputation – conceiving, designing, writing, producing and managing great work that helps our clients’ businesses thrive. Whether it’s a local start-up looking to carve out a niche or a big-name brand looking for new ways to be heard.

Our philosophy is simple; we work hard, we love what we do and we always deliver. We work closely with our clients, de-mystifying the creative process, and bringing it back to what it’s really about: communicating with insight and flair.

We have shelves full of awards that prove we’re never short of new fresh ideas but, more importantly are the glowing testimonials from our clients, some of which you will find on this website.

Ultimately, the most effective creative work comes from curiosity. So we work with people who are inquisitive, passionate about creativity, and focused on results. That’s why, between the 18-strong team in our Dublin studio, and the committed writers, photographers, illustrators, and strategists that we collaborate with, we know we can devise a strategy that will communicate your message as effectively as possible.

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