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More than Meets the Eye

Ibec is Ireland's largest lobby and business representative group. Its purpose is to help build a better, sustainable future by influencing, supporting, and delivering business success. As Ireland prepared to exit the latest – and hopefully last – lockdown, we worked with Ibec on a new campaign that gives expression to the hospitality industry and its deep link across the diverse supply chains that connect Irish Industry and society.

Covid has had a devastating impact on the hospitality sector, as many businesses struggle to stay viable while dealing with multiple lockdowns. The Experience Economy is a key to Ireland's hospitality industry, operating under the radar, invisible to the public eye in retail, food, drink, tourism, entertainment, technology, events, and in the arts, sporting and heritage sectors. But if you could peel back the corners to investigate, its full extent would be revealed.

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We designed and typeset a supporting policy document, which was brought to life using the diverse library of campaign imagery and data. We also created a short animation, PowerPoint templates and supporting backdrops for the launch itself, ensuring that Ibec had all the tools to create a memorable and seamless event.

The campaign was launched online on 21st April by Ibec and a panel of industry leaders that represented the diversity of Ireland's Experience Economy and was very positively received by members. As the months go on and Ireland opens up further from lockdown, there will be further sprints of this campaign down the line to maintain momentum.

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Ibec has really enjoyed working with Red Dog and are consistently impressed by their creativity, professionalism and 'can do' attitude. Ibec has worked with Red Dog on a variety of projects, big and small and across the many different sectors that we represent. Be it a one-off policy document, our annual report, content for our website or a comprehensive corporate communications campaign, Red Dog always bring fresh thinking to the table and execute any project to a very high standard.

Niamh O’Keeffe, Senior Lobbying and Campaigns Executive

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