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Please take a few moment to explore some recent highlights of Red Dog's work in Annual Reports

Origin AR18 Hero 2000x1125

Annual Reports _ Food & Drink _

An Origin story grounded in teamwork

ICD Hero 2000x1000
Irish Cancer Society

Annual Reports _ Non-profit _

Preventing, Supporting and Caring

Kingspan feature

Annual Reports _ Construction _

Platinum service fit for a King.

Glenveagh Hero 2000x1125

Annual Reports _ Property _

Access, innovation and quality in the home of the new.

Dalata AR19 Hero 2000x1125

Annual Reports _ Hospitality _

Reporting on a culture of success and a passion for growth.

Uniphar Hero 2000x1125

Annual Reports _ Pharma _

Taking stock and looking at future goals.

Kerry AR Hero 2000x1125
Kerry Group

Annual Reports _ Food & Drink _

Building a bridge between new and old.

Concern AR19 Approach 1000x1159
Concern Worldwide

Annual Reports _ Non-profit _

Stories of survival from the world’s poorest countries.

Ornua AR cov 1000x1159

Annual Reports _ Food & Drink _

Going for Gold in a landmark year.