Maeve's Bar

An exciting branding project that blends a lot of legends with a little bit of history to make a memorable new identity for Maeve's Bar, a new attraction at the heart of the newly developed Queen Maeve's Square in Sligo.

The Background

One of the newest attractions on Queen Maeve's Square, a new pedestrian area by the Garavogue River in Sligo, is Maeve's Bar – a traditional pub with a contemporary twist – that opened in July 2023. We've collaborated with Maeve's Bar to create a memorable identity that combines legends with history. The bar is named after Queen Maeve, an Irish goddess known for her independence, strength, beauty, and ruthlessness. However, Maeve's Bar goes beyond just borrowing her name – instead, the team at Maeve's wanted to pay homage to her both inside and outside the bar, as well as in the bar's identity. We've incorporated irreverent references to Maeve's legend throughout a bold new identity that includes elements from the Táin Bó Cúailnge, Knocknarea, and Cú Chulain stories. These nods can be subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) found throughout the identity's roll-out.

The Idea

The logotype features an angular typeface that embodies a modern and feminine quality. The weight and stencil-style of the Carmin typeface establish a clear connection to Celtic lettering, which is both historically significant and memorable. This new identity effectively communicates a lively and relaxed atmosphere, inviting people to engage in storytelling and become part of something special. Although the choice of Lydian PT may evoke a sense of a different era, its sleek design ensures it remains anchored in the present day. Additionally, Garton Pro, a typewriter-style font used for body copy, pays homage to the notion of legends, storytelling, and Ireland's rich literary heritage.

The Execution

We've created a collection of handcrafted/printed-style illustrations to portray Queen Maeve's story, linking them to the stencil letterforms in the logotype. The identity's colour palette draws inspiration from the warm, inviting dark browns and greens often associated with traditional Irish pubs. These earthy tones also pay homage to the mythical landscapes connected to Queen Maeve's legends. In addition to these deeper hues, we've introduced a selection of brighter colours that reflect the contemporary atmosphere visitors will encounter at Maeve's Bar. The bar's merchandise prominently features the illustrations, while the playful and tongue-in-cheek copy lines crafted for the roll-out capture the bold, strong, independent, and outspoken personality of Queen Maeve.




Project Team

Stephen Ledwidge

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