Rathmullan House Hotel on the shores of Lough Swilly in Donegal wanted a "Big Idea" identity for their new pub and pizza restaurant under a "Big Top" on the hotel's front lawn.

The Background

Perceived initially as a short-term Covid measure, the Big Top emerged as a sought-after destination – accompanied by notable additions and improvements. It was given the name "Pavilion," paying homage to a memorable era in the 1960s when Rathmullan House's dining room bore the same name. An exquisite bespoke bar now stands beside the tent, accompanied by an array of additional dining pods, offering a wider selection of delights such as hot beverages and delectable ice cream.

Our mission was to create an identity for Pavilion (or Pavilion at Rathmullan House) that artfully captured the essence of its remarkable location, the playful spirit associated with a grand big top, and the remarkable quality of its culinary offerings.

The Idea

Our creative journey took us in various directions to the big top and beyond into the stars and back down to the pizzas on Pavilion's customers' plates. We drew upon several old photos from Rathmullan House and the surrounding area for Pavilion's colour palette, while pizza ingredients influenced abstract shapes and shades. The Big Top itself shaped the logo's lettering, with playful titles nodding to the stars. We seamlessly combined these elements, crafting an enchanting identity that honours the past and captures Pavilion's culinary magic and unique setting.

The Execution

Promotional materials, packaging, and social media channels showcase a lively and whimsical depiction of a pavilion, cleverly doubling as a generous slice of pizza. Elsewhere, abstract shapes inspired by the ingredients further enhance the visual narrative. Complementing this playful imagery are playful copy lines like 'Where Kneads Mutz' and 'All About the Toppings,' reflecting the light-hearted ambience of Pavilion and the delightful experience it offers to customers.




Project Team

Alan Murphy

Avril Murphy

Pavilion onthelawn 2000x835
Pavilion cart 735x496
Pav Colour 2000x1125px

We went to Red Dog as we wanted something really fresh for our new offering at Rathmullan House - the hotel itself is quite iconic and has a certain tone, so we wanted to ensure that it was not damaged but that Pavilion could reach a wider, younger audience. Their first task was to devise a name, and they gave us loads of options. Pavilion won through! The logo design and accompanying visual branding is really spot on - we love it, and thankfully so do our customers.

Mary Wheeler, Owner, Rathmullan House Hotel

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Rd web
Pavilion IDI 2000
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