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A pharmacy brand at one with nature.

Dunville Pharmacy, an independent community pharmacy located in Ranelagh, with a passion for health and wellbeing, provides the customary pharmacy products and services while also selling their own range of herbal remedies, skincare and teas. Dunville engaged us to develop a new visual identity that positions the brand as trusted, knowledgable and caring. We also designed a new e-commerce website that has transformed online sales.

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The Execution

We designed an elegant logo to complement Dunville's focus on health and wellbeing. The motif, an interpretation of 'DP’, is a nod to nature with a limited colour palette – including forest green and calamine pink – reflecting all aspects of the business. The botanical elements, colours and typography can be arranged in infinite dynamic configurations that help bring the brand to life across all online and offline brand touchpoints. We were also mindful that the colours complement the protected shop front when considering the design of Dunville's signage.

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Dunville Execution 1600x900
I made the decision in 2020 to invest in my brand – from a visual point of view but also from a commercial point of view with regard to building a solid e-commerce website. Red Dog has delivered everything I needed and continues to help me build my pharmacy brand. They totally 'got' the fact that we are a community pharmacy that needs to be percieved as caring and understanding. Our new visual identity is beautiful, human and colourful... and I love it. But they also have delivered a website that has transformed my online sales in a matter of 2 weeks! Keeping up with the deliveries is my only problem now. Its been a fantastic and enjoyable process. Not only have they a seriously talented design team, but their project management and attention to detail have been a breath of fresh air. I look forward to continuing our relationship throughout 2021!

Niamh Boden, MPSI, MIRH, Dunville Pharmacy

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