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Beara Bitters Hero
100 Archive 2020
IDI Awards 2020
ICAD Awards 2021

The right mix for a mouth-watering brand.

Bitters are a mystery to many, but those who use them know they occupy a precious space in any bartender's armoury. The brainchild of entrepreneur Mary O'Sullivan, Beara Bitters is a new Irish bitters inspired by the Beara Peninsula, a rugged, wild and beautiful peninsula on Ireland's south-west coast.

As a new bitters jostling for attention on a crowded shelf, Beara Bitters brand needed to strike a balance between heritage, nature and modernity while standing out proudly among other well-established bitters.

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Beara approach
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Beara Execution 1600 x 900px2
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The Results

Beara Bitters is poised to enter the bitters market, armed with a bold brand that reflects Mary O'Sullivan's vision for Bears Bitters, the landscape from which it draws its name, and the incredible product itself. The use of illustration, colour and typography ill ensure that it's never far from a bartenders' mind as mixes his drinks. For obvious reasons, Bear Bitters' full launch has been delayed, but we look forward to seeing them behind bars and in homes across the country soon.

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Beara Execution Lables 735 x 496px