Beara Bitters

Beara Bitters is a new Irish bitters inspired by the Beara Peninsula, a rugged, wild and beautiful peninsula on Ireland's south-west coast. We've designed an award-winning brand for Beara Bitters that strikes a balance between heritage, nature and modernity and takes inspiration from Ireland's beautiful landscape.

The Background

Bitters remain an enigma for many, yet seasoned users recognise their invaluable presence within a bartender's arsenal. Born from the creative mind of entrepreneur Mary O'Sullivan, Beara Bitters emerges as a fresh addition to the realm of Irish bitters, drawing inspiration from the untamed beauty of the Beara Peninsula on the southwest coast of Ireland. In a crowded marketplace, Beara Bitters faced the challenge of establishing a new brand amidst a sea of well-established competitors. Our solution skilfully harmonises elements of tradition, nature, and contemporary appeal while boldly asserting its individuality.

The Idea

To honour its heritage, the brand's logotype exudes a timeless allure, paying homage to the traditional charm of old-world Ireland. Our inspiration was the awe-inspiring landscape, rich biodiversity, and captivating wildlife found on the Beara Peninsula in a manner that resonates with the modern world. Within the realm of bitters, the prevailing design trend leans heavily towards a vintage and ornate aesthetic, often associated with medicinal origins. Our approach centred around a harmonious blend of natural hues, employing an illustration style that embraces modern forms and symmetrical compositions. This deliberate choice allows Beara Bitters to stand out among its competitors confidently.

The Execution

We enlisted the talented Irish illustrator Sally Caulwell to craft captivating illustrations for each of our bitters' variants, capturing the essence of the abundant flora found across the Beara Peninsula. With her modern approach to botanical art, Sally's creations serve as a vibrant invitation to experience the distinct flavours of our bitters, enveloping the brand identity in a captivating floral realm. This careful fusion of history and heritage is artfully mirrored in the typography and contemporary illustrations. To reflect the rugged allure of the Beara Peninsula, we employed visually arresting foil accents, textured paper stock, and meticulously die-cut front labels on our bottles. As Beara Bitters prepares to make its mark in the bitters market, it stands armed with a daring brand that perfectly reflects Mary O'Sullivan's vision, the majestic landscape that lends its name, and the extraordinary product itself.




Project Team

Alan Murphy

Beara Bitters Hero
Beara Intro 2000 x 835px
Beara approach
Beara Execution 735 x 496px
Beara Execution 2000 x 1125px
Beara Execution 1600 x 900px
Beara Execution 2000 x 1125px2
Beara Execution 1600 x 900px2
Beara Execution 2000 x 1125px3
Beara Execution 1600 x 900px3

Special thanks to our collaborators

Sally Caulwell (Illustrator)

Leo Byrne (Photographer)

Charlotte O'Connell (Art Direction)

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