FuturEnergy Ireland

We're very proud to have worked with Coillte and ESB on naming and branding FuturEnergy Ireland. This exciting initiative aims to harness the full potential of Ireland's wind and forestry resources, propelling the nation towards a sustainable, green energy economy.

The Background

With the recent launch of the Irish Climate Action Plan, outlining our national commitment to reaching net zero emissions by 2050, it is evident that addressing this monumental challenge necessitates forging new partnerships, adopting innovative technologies, and implementing novel solutions. Fortunately, Ireland possesses a notable advantage, as wind energy stands out as a highly valuable, eco-friendly, and abundant resource with immense potential to combat climate change. The initial undertaking involved selecting a suitable name for the venture. We embarked on this process by generating an extensive list of potential names before one name – FuturEnergy – emerged as the clear winner.

The Idea

The name FuturEnergy encapsulates the partnership’s aspirations and embodies the optimism and determination. It signifies an unwavering commitment to sustainable energy for the foreseeable future as we proactively manage and spearhead advancements and new technologies as they unfold.

Our next task involved creating a logo that truly reflects the essence and character of FuturEnergy Ireland. We aimed to establish a distinct identity for the company, separate from the two well-established brands supporting it. We aimed to steer clear of the typical visual and verbal clichés often associated with the renewable energy sector. However, we also wanted to maintain a subtle Irish touch within the venture. To achieve this, we turned to scientific principles as our guide. Specifically, we drew inspiration from the fundamental principle of thermodynamics, stating that "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be converted" to something else." With this in mind, we delved into the concept of wind turbines and how they harness the power of wind to generate electricity. This exploration led us to develop a graphic solution inspired by the notion of wind "particles" and their conversion into energy to fuel our daily lives.

The Execution

This clean and friendly typographic mark incorporates custom FE letterforms that visually represent an equation. The FE letterforms can also be used as a graphic abbreviation on social media. The colour palette is a fresh interpretation of green, which pays homage to Irishness while adding a contemporary twist. The design language is energetic and modern, allowing for endless dynamic configurations. The wind particles featured in the design can move, scale, and wrap-around imagery in limitless ways, symbolising clean and boundless energy that contributes to Ireland's sustainable growth. With FuturEnergy Ireland's name and identity now in motion, we are thrilled to extend this new brand identity further through print and online platforms. FuturEnergy Ireland is leading the charge in transforming Ireland into a sustainable, green energy economy, and we are excited to be a part of this journey.



Motion Design

FE Colour1 1595x895px1
FE Type1 1595x895px3
FE Type2 1595x895px4
FE Colour2 1595x895px2
FE Particles 2000x837px
FE Roll Out 1000x837px Left Side
Futur Energy hat 2000x1333
FE Billboard 1595x895px
FE Brochure 1595x895zpx
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