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Generating a sustainable future.

With the recent launch of the Irish Climate Action Plan, outlining our national commitment to reaching net zero emissions by 2050, it's clear that the scale of the challenge ahead will require new partnerships, technologies and solutions. In some ways, Ireland in an advantageous position as wind is a highly valuable, clean and natural resource with enormous climate-friendly potential. That's why we're very proud to have worked with Coillte and ESB on FuturEnergy Ireland, a new venture that will maximise the potential of Ireland's wind and forestry resources and propel Ireland to a sustainable, green energy economy.

The first task was naming the venture – a process that began with a long, long list of potential names before we narrowed the possibilities down to a shortlist of ten before a winner emerged. FuturEnergy is an amalgam name that gives us both hope and spirit to look to the new possibilities for our energy source, for living our lives. It represents a commitment to sustainable energy for a long time to come, managing and pioneering changes and new technologies as they are discovered.

FE Colour1 1595x895px1
FE Colour2 1595x895px2
FE Type1 1595x895px3
FE Type2 1595x895px4

We set our wind particles in motion on FuturEnergy Ireland's temporary website which we designed and built ahead of the introduction of their main website in 2022. Here you'll find the new name, identity, colour palette and typography interacting together in a way that speaks to the potential and innovation behind Ireland's sustainable future.

Now that FuturEnergy Ireland's name and identity arein motion, we're excited about rolling this new identity out further in print and online as FuturEnergy Ireland leads the way to driving Ireland's conversion to a sustainable, green energy economy.

FE Particles 2000x837px
FE Billboard 1595x895px
FE Roll Out 1000x837px Left Side
FE Brochure 1595x895zpx
Futur Energy hat 2000x1333